Your Neighborhood Bar & Hang Out


At Korner Bar & Grille, our story is as straightforward as our laid-back approach to good times and great food. Born from a passion for creating a neighborhood haven, we set out to build a place where locals could gather, share laughs, and indulge in comfort food that hits the spot. From the inviting aroma of our crafted comfort food to the friendly banter around the games, we’ve created more than a bar – we’ve crafted a community hangout. Come as you are, and join us at Korner, where the focus is on creating memorable moments, one delicious bite at a time.

Chef John LaPosta

30+ years as one of the Capital Region’s most popular chefs

John is known for his outstanding food that he serves for “real” people in a fun and unassuming style. His simple philosophy has always been “put the love on plate.” In doing this, people feel comfortable when reading his menus and do not feel as if they need be a chef themselves to understand it.

Chef John LaPosta along with his partner, Tina Kruger, own and operate Innovo Kitchen, an American Gastropub full of great energy, fine hospitality, and of course, outstanding food. They are excited to bring Korner Bar & Grille to the local neighborhood. Giving locals a spot to hang out, relax and have fun.